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Prof. Winnie K.W. So


Winnie K. S.

Prof. Winnie K.W. So is a Professor of the Nethersole School of Nursing at the Faculty of Medicine, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. She is also a Fellow of American Academy of Nursing and a visiting professor of School of Nursing at Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Currently, Prof. So is the President-Elect of International Society of Nurses in Cancer Care and the Past President of Asian Oncology Nursing Society. 

As a scholar and scientist in cancer care, Prof So’s research substantively influenced knowledge  generation which manifested as evidence-based intervention for reducing cancer burden and enhancing  quality supportive care in local and international contexts. She conducted the first study to identify  barriers to cancer screening encountered by local ethnic minorities. The findings were translated into  an IMPACT (Integrative Multimedia Program for promoting south Asians’ Cancer screening upTake)  program for improving South Asian women’s access to cervical cancer screening services, and  empowering community health workers to facilitate screening uptake among South Asian women.


The  intervention was successful as evidenced by a significantly increase in screening uptake and the  extension of the benefits to those living in other South Asian countries. Another research focus of Prof So is supportive care. Her research and education effort at local and global levels include knowledge  generation and dissemination of supportive care needs, provision of education/training to cancer nurses,  and nurturing youngsters to be future scholars and leaders. She has obtained more than HKD 13 million to support her research and knowledge transfer projects. She has published 140 papers in international peer reviewed journals. The impact of her research are far-reaching and cited in journals of nursing  and health related disciplines.

Dr So’s leadership role in regional/international oncology nursing  societies has influenced the professional development of oncology nurses in low- and middle-income  countries.  

Prof So received her Bachelor of Nursing degree from Deakin University, her Master of Health Administration degree from The University of New South Wales and Doctor of Philosophy degree from The University of Colorado Denver.