Women, power and cancer:

A Lancet Commission

Dr Ibtihal  Fadhil



Dr Ibtihal Fadhil

Dr Fadhil is the founder and chairperson of the eastern Mediterranean NCD Alliance. A medical doctor with an MSc and PhD in public health, she has worked on NCD control at government and CSOs level. As WHO Regional Adviser on non communicable diseases, Dr. Fadhil has worked with most of the regional CSOs for more than 8 years and developed the core regional network of CSOs working against non-communicable diseases.



Dr Fadhil’s main focus of work has been to empower women , focusing on the needs and priorities of women living with non communicable diseases including cancer, working with regional and global establish the regional platform to facilitate engagement of local NGOs inadvocacy activities and be part of local decision-making processes. Dr Fadhil is a board member of the global NCD Alliance and a member of various regional societies for NCD prevention and control including cancer control, diabetes, genetic diseases and tobacco control societies. Dr. Fadhil has worked jointly with the World Health Organization and other regional partners to develop the civil society organization capacity-building program. This program has been instrumental in uniting CSOs at national and regional levels.