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Dr Eduardo Cazap


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Eduardo Cazap MD, PhD, FASCO is an Argentinean medical oncologist, Founder and first president of the Latin American  & Caribbean Society of Medical Oncology (SLACOM),
Past- President of the International Union against Cancer (UICC) and Emeritus Professor, Latin-American School of Oncology.
He published over 200 papers, President of the UICC World Cancer Congress in 2012. He received in 2013 the Distinguished Achievement Award of the Conquer Cancer Foundation (USA) and was bestowed as a Fellow of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (FASCO).
2018 Harvard Distinguished Leader Award; Harvard Medical School. Chair of the Global Track- Annual Meeting Education Committee (ASCO), Founding member of the National
Cancer Institute of Argentina.
Editor-in-Chief, ecancermedicalscience(UK) , Co-Editor, Global Health Section, The Oncologist(USA) and Editorial member of around 20 other International peer-reviewed
Cancer Journals.

Acting as a promoter of the concept of “ Global Cancer Control “ Dr. Cazap advises, collaborates or participates with 
main cancer international organizations such as OMS, PAHO, UICC, IARC, NCI-US, ASCO, ESMO, AACR, AORTIC, IAEA-PACT, Harvard Global Health Catalyst between others. 

Eduardo Cazap has a vast in-country and international experience and is a regular plenary
speaker, chair or moderator at global cancer and health meetings as well as part of
organizing major international conferences.